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The need of 3D CAD Design in Architecture

Computer-aided Design or CAD is used for generation of virtual models for engineering, architecture, animation, manufacturing and prototyping processes. To convey the design ideas to clients most architects and engineers uses a 3D CAD Design which are high-quality renderings of the images. A 3D CAD Design has replaced the earlier used blueprints which gives the clients a complete view of the finished project. The designers are also able to detect errors in the design before the actual construction of the project.

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The role of CAD software and a Cad drafter in the architecture industry is inevitable right from planning and design to evaluation processes. Every 3D CAD programs uses a different method for modeling according to the purpose of its usage. A CAD modelling consists of mainly Solid Modelling, Surface Modelling and Code-driven modelling.

  1. Solid Modelling
  2. Parametric Modelling: Here 2D sketches are used to create features and objects. Using geometric and functional relationships with other sketches, features and objects these features are manipulated.

    Direct Modelling: Here sketches are used to create 3D features based on relationships with existing geometry. Future edits are made on the resulting geometry on the original sketch.

  3. Surface Modelling
  4. To generate geometry this type of modelling relies on surfaces. This can be parametric or freeform.

  5. Code-driven modelling
  6. Based on conditions set in place by the designer, geometry is generated autonomously here. It is used to generate 3D structures that can't be manufactured through any other ways.

Types of architectural models

According to the purpose 3D architectural models is of various types. Creating a 3D CAD design is a time-consuming process and its uses different software to deliver 3D modeling services. Usually an architectural design consists of the following and depending on your requirements you can choose any of them.

  1. Physical models
  2. Physical model is a traditional mechanisms of architectural modeling which is a scaled version of the actual building. It is based on these models clients can make changes in the design. It is a representation of the actual structure of the project that has been planned.

  3. Digital visualization

If one is in need of cost-effective mechanism to present the proposed design then digital 3D visualization is the best way. This helps the architects and engineers to explain the design of the structure to the clients. Being a photorealistic representation of the plan many real estate firms use this type of modeling.

The importance of 3D modeling in Architecture presentations

A CAD software is used to generate a variety of 3D file formats. 3D modeling has shaped the world of architecture designs by representing multi-dimensional images on screen. 3D modeling really has an impact on the clients as they are so close to structure of realistic buildings. The major benefits of 3D modeling in Architecture presentations are:

  1. Realistic and easy
  2. 3D modeling gives a clearer picture of the structure than a 2D sketch. The client is able to understand better by taking a virtual tour of their construction projects. Checking the viability of the plan and making changes to the design has become much easier and quicker. A more realistic one-shot picture of the architecture is provided by the designers.

  3. The image speaks
  4. Through 3D model image one is able to understand about the future project which is going to be implemented. A 3D model works much better than a 2D model in case of architectural services. The design is clear and is a replica of the original structure.

  5. Better for marketing
  6. By the usage of a 3D CAD model projects get approved faster. 3D CAD model is more appealing than a 2D drawing as the image stays in the mind of the client for a longer period of time. It is more compelling and satisfying to the Cad drafter as well as to the customer.

  7. Easy re-modeling
  8. Corrections can be easily made in a 3D model and the design could be finalized without much cost and post-construction cost-incurring changes. A 3D model is more accurate and gives maximum output.

  9. Impact on project execution
  10. The clear design enables the architects to complete the project at low costs and as per the plan. They could eliminate field interferences, rework done is less, and productivity is increased, cost growth is less and change orders are fewer. There was also a decrease in time from start of construction to final phase.

  11. Help to the interior designers
  12. The interior designers are blessed with the 3D CAD design as it gives a life-like model of a building with proper interior. They can show their clients a compelling view of their dream space with the furniture, wall paints and designs, show pieces, designer ceiling and so on.

  13. Measurements
  14. The physical dimensions of the objects and its distance in relation with other objects in the total layout can be clearly shown. Space, movement problems, room size corrections etc. could be adjusted according to the customer’s need. A 3D design can also be applied to coordination of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection systems on complex projects.

  15. No language barriers
  16. A 2D design need explanations on how to deduce design information. But in case of 3D designs fewer instructions are required without any language barriers. Anybody could understand a 3D design and experience it.

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