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Small Space…Big Impact – Your Perfect Work Space

For many, their office is their second home as it is where most of their day is spent. It is a space where innovation, conversation and collaboration among people of similar interest take place. The design of your office space should make you more comfortable and creative. If you are in search for any Interior Design Companies Dubai for designing your new office space, make sure that you select the right one for Interior design services like Excel Project Solutions. We provides those designs which not only support the unique work culture of your office environment but also the psychological and emotional well-being of your workers.

The physical design of any organization impacts productivity of the employees as much as 20%. Even the Color choice must be visually pleasing and more space should be given to employees for them to be more innovative.

office interior design

Here are some factors that you should consider before consulting any Interior Designing Company in UAE for Architectural Design services.

Natural ventilation

By ensuring proper natural lighting your employees both physiological as well as psychological health can be improved. Fluorescent lighting causes headaches and eye strain leading to drowsiness while natural light controls your melatonin levels and keep you awake and alert. Natural lighting reduces energy consumption and lower electricity bills. Excel Project Solutions provides the best 3D rendering in interior designing services for our clients taking into consideration all the factors that should be adopted while providing Architectural Design services.

By removing cubicle walls, installing large windows, using movable glass and incorporating green space, productivity of the employees could be improved. Using modern lighting technology such as LED lights along with natural light can make a healthy work space.

Right amount of space

Excel Project Solutions, one of the top Interior designing company for offices, allot enough space for your business and ensure your office’s functionality and safety. Employees must be allowed to freely move about. If some emergency occurs such as a fire or some other, this large space helps in evacuation of people from the building. Keeping long term goals in mind you can also provide room for the company to expand. Employees could also perform and collaborate better with more freedom in navigation and space.

Healthy spaces for improved Production

During the Office Interior Design phase creating a healthy, safe place for employees to work is important. The furniture should be flexible and multi-functional which should be proportional to the employee’s size for an improved cardiovascular health. When planning a new office layout with your Interior Designing Company in UAE, include Multi-purpose rooms, a working cafe, and lounge spaces for the staff to encourage socialization and relaxation.

Companies should introduce a more pleasant place to work that is simultaneously inviting, inspiring, and comfortable. Some businesses also provide fitness rooms, play rooms, clinics for a better work-life-balance.

Adopt an Open space plan

Open floor plans is best suited for including more employees in your space in future. It is easy for the employees to communicate with each other in open mode. It is very difficult for an employee to complete their tasks and communicate mutually in a separate closed chamber. Also glass partitioning provides an elegant look to your office and help to save time by enabling easy communication between the staff. Rethink about Open Office Plans as this directly impact the Productivity levels by giving people more freedom to work.

With a 3D rendering in interior designing create spaces that enables the worker to do focused, independent work giving freedom from interruption. Open Office Plans does not mean that private spaces should not be kept. Workers should be given private spaces to generate ideas. Movable glass walls could secure their transparency and privacy.

The psychology of color

The colors you choose for your business space will determine the emotions that get invoked among your employees. Different colors can have different impacts on the worker. When consulting the Interior Design Companies decide in prior what color to use in your office. It may depend upon your brand colors. Using the right colors in your office design is essential.

Red being an emotionally intense color raises energy levels making reactions faster and boosting energy. But red ultimately reduces analytical thinking. Color of nature, green helps in broader thinking promoting feelings of balance. Blue is the most common favorite color around the world. It is calming and it makes you feel stable. Brown is associated with laziness so it is not advisable to use for a good work environment. Pink is known to have a calming effect. White is monochromatic and can cause people to reflect on their own thoughts.

Integrate Technology

Your Interior designing company for office will tell you how employee productivity can be improved by the use of latest technology. An outdated technology, add hours and stress to the employees. Interior design services Dubai usually use a computer-aided design (CAD) program for space planning.

Technology has changed the way people and businesses operate. Large companies invest in the right technology that enable the employees to do their job effectively. With basic power and online access employees connect each other using technology. Screens for presentations, video conferencing capabilities, wireless charging ports, smart boards, data sharing, and similar conveniences are included in the Office Interior Design Dubai to help the employees.

Being an Interior Design Drawing and CAD Drafting Company Excel Project Solutions deals with a vast range of projects. You can always contact us and consult with our well experienced team who never compromises in professional service.

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