shop interior design
shop interior design


In a construction scenario, Interior Designing department has a deciding part to play because it is the interior of a building that enables a pleasant atmosphere for the occupants of the building. Our creative team at Excel Project Solutions constitutes one of the prominent companies providing Office Interior Design in Dubai. We provide 2D,3D architectural plans with furniture layout, flooring and reflected ceiling plans, presentation drawings, working drawings, AIA layers and custom layering, title block layouts etc. with emphasis on planning, functional designing, and effective use of space.

Our architectural and interior design in Dubai drawings are mainly helpful for the construction and development of houses, shops, markets, and offices based on your goal, budget, and taste. Our technical drawings with precise dimensional and spatial detailing provide you with clear-cut ideas on colour of the paint to be applied, furniture selection and their placement, lighting, decoration etc. reducing the workload of interior designers by half.

Office Interior Design in Dubai has become super-advanced and modern with the advent of computer aided designing. We promise to bring class and style in Interior Design by undertaking tasks on conceptual development, space planning, research, evolution and execution of the designs. We help to visualize complex thought processes at every stage of plans that are assigned to us. With our space design services, we aim to bridge the gap between our business clients and their customers, with our technicians putting their heart and soul into make a brighter and better shopping environment.

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