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Modern Interior Designing Trends For Homes and Offices

Dream homes are built when the elevation and interiors are in sync. Acquiring a new home or renovating the existing one is a beautiful process. Lots of ideas might be there in our minds. However, an interior designer is the one who could bring all of these in reality. Perfection in designs is achieved when the result is fabulous and functional. If you are in hunt of interior design companies Dubai, look no further as Excel Project Solutions in the one-stop destination to all your queries.

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Designing is an art, and not everyone has the eye to it. The wisest decision is to pour your fantasies to the expert and wait to see them come to life. Presently computerization has made the process extremely simple, and the clients can have a realistic view of their houses even before the work commences. These features allow alteration and utmost satisfaction. CAD (computer-aided designs ) is one such innovating development in the field of interior design drawing. CAD drafters can create flawless designs within a stipulated time. Hence, making alterations and execution an easy task.

Some of the key trends for interiors in 2019 are

Subtle colours

The contemporary colour palette is filled with soft colours. Light hues of grey, blue, cream, yellow and white are the prevalent paints for interiors. Even the door and windows are not lend the traditional woody texture. These too are covered a colour that is a few tones darker than the one on walls. This kind of colour planning creates a feeling of large interiors and also makes the space lively and vibrant. An occasional pop of colour is introduced in the form of a textured wall or large furniture in dark tones.

Close to green

Busy schedules and stressful lifestyles need a soothing solace near to calming woods, but a vacation is a luxury due to extensive work culture. However, inviting the woods into our houses is not a dream today. An efficient team of interior designers can effortlessly perform this favour. The viral concept of 2018 that included fixation of micro plants over walls will be popular in 2019 too. Deep forest green or the calming blue colour of the ocean is used to highlight a comfort corner of the home. Adding more indoor plants will also help in maintaining positivity, along with creating trendy interiors.

Space planning

Price surges inland and apartments have made people invest in small pieces of land. The buildings are, therefore, multistoried to cater to the needs of families. Efficient and smart interior plannings are also necessary for this era of space crunch. Space can be classified into two types – Positive and negative. The area occupied by furniture, decorations and other home essentials is the positive space while the one that is left vacant is termed as negative. Well-balanced positive and negative space will add to the aesthetics of the room. 2019 will see more of empty spaces to create an illusion of larger rooms.

Defined shapes

Geometrical patterns are here to stay even this year. Defined lines create an elegant place. Squares, triangles and rectangles will take over every furniture design to lend and intrinsic approach towards the area. Not only the furniture but carpets, decorative, upholstery designs and even lightings can be founded in unique geometrical motifs to enhance the conventional appeal of interiors. However, going overboard with these is a big NO as it may seem extremely overcrowding. A carpet filled with geometrical patterns and vibrant colours is enough to bring life in an otherwise dull area.

Softer fabrics

Leather was the go-to fabrics when it came to upholstery. However, today, designers prefer soft fabrics for a sophisticated look. Velvet is the most prevalent fabric when it comes to the upholstery of the sofa, stools or headboards. Since DIYs are also prevalent, designers leave no stone unturned to reuse and save every penny without compromising on the quality. One such simple work of art is a signature piece of art on the wall. A simple design on the silk fabric can do wonders as the cloth itself speaks volume. Sustainability is the key to survival and also the mantra of modern designers.

Multi-functional furniture

Small apartments and space crunch lead to the revolutionary invention of multi-functional furniture. These have been in trend from the time of their birth. A queen-sized bed with storage space can relieve users of a lot of clutter. In the same way, a bedside table that can also be turned into a bookshelf is an intelligent addition to the house. Somewhere a two-seater breakfast table will expand to accommodate eight people too. Such furniture is prominently used by interiors to save space and create a lot of invisible storage area. The modern interior designs also will accompany a lot of these in their artistic journey of building dream homes.

Be it homes or offices a neat interior design with CAD Drafter will help the users to concentrate on their respective tasks and lead a positive life. Hence it is crucial to appoint a team of skilled artisans for the purpose. Excel Project Solutions is the ace interior designing companies in Dubai working with modern amenities and gifted artists. Contact us for requirements.

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