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Go Green - Is It Possible to Get Green Buildings too?

3D architecture design

Changing scenario of climatic condition, worsening environment and depleting energy resources has not only made all of us think but also require acting immediately before it becomes too late. This has also led building architects to work or create such architectural drafting building designs which are energy efficient. The rapid changing environmental conditions and sustainability issues have forced the architects to use 3D architecture designs which can adopt the new techniques and measures to provide certainly viable solutions. Going green is not applicable to one single industry or segment; it has now become a norm for all in modern society.

Sustainable architectural drafting designs propose the environmentally conscious architecture that utilizes those designing techniques and materials that aims to maximize the positive and minimize the negative environmental impacts on building structures. The idea is to use the space, energy, and materials which support the long-term sustainability factors.

Why There Is A Need For An Architecture That Support Environment-consciousness?

Whereas modernization has brought ease in our life but also carried a negative impact on our environment as a whole, that is visible to all and getting worse with passing years. Building professionals and architects now need work a lot and consciously to achieve the sustainable and energy-efficient architectural model which are not only strong but should also match up the current trend of modernization. Measures are taken with constant efforts by them to come up with unique techniques which utilize the measure to support the idea of going green. Here we have presented some techniques which can be used to make environmentally friendly buildings.

  1. By Using Building Material That Is Sustainable - To achieve an idea of protecting the environment, there should be an emphasis on using the building materials which are sustainable and help in the long run for building green buildings. This effective technique not only saves the natural resources but at the same time also minimizes the negative impact on the atmosphere. Some of the materials, which are environment-friendly, are blown-in fiberglass insulation, sustainably harvested wood, clay, Linoleum, coconut & wood fiber plates, high-performance concrete, sheep wool, etc. Another way is to always go with the materials which are available in the local market as it will reduce the requirement of transportation for those materials.

  2. Utilizing Sustainable Energy Resources - Specialized architects who provide 3D rendering services in UAE suggests that architectural drafting should focus on producing buildings which have high efficiency in terms of energy and sustainability for an entire lifespan. This will help in reducing the energy requirement of the buildings and also allow them to use their own ability to generate energy. We all know, ventilation, cooling, and heating are the factors that utilize the maximum sources of energy. To meet this requirement or for achieving this objective insulation can be the best way against the external elements. Other includes using energy sensors, solar panels, conservation of rainwater to save water, getting garbage segregation and processing it to compost, etc. can help significantly.

  3. Orientation Of The Building Need To Be Planned Effectively - Before starting or finalizing the location of the building, using 3D architecture design, an adaptation of proper orientation and placement of the building need to be thoroughly worked out that effectively help in making the building more environment-friendly and green. This technique can help to minimize the effect of external factors or elements.

Now sustainable building architecture needs to be made a universal phenomenon. Still, a lot of work, research, and experimentation is required on how sustainable building materials and renewable energy sources can be implemented but definitely, it will help us to get a cleaner and better environment.

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