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Features That Your Office Interior Should Possess

Interior design Companies Dubai has come up with tremendous interior design trends which enhances the productivity, creativity, collaboration, and health of the employee workforce. Transforming an office into a highly serviceable space provides flexibility, collaboration, stress reduction, and creative stimulation for the workforce throughout the day. An office interior that gives a home like feeling will fuel productivity. A good office design should incorporate the trending technologies with the use of high-end software tools like CAD. Here are some important features that you could add on to your office interior space that could create a healthy, motivated, and productive workforce.

office interior

Multi-functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture can save space as well as your money. Adaptable furniture meets the employee’s needs enabling them to reorganize chairs, benches, and tables when required. For private conversations and team meetings Height-adjustable desks and chairs will be of great advantage.

Bring in Nature

By bringing in plants or even creating a living wall in your work environment simultaneously reduces the carbon footprint as well as refresh the minds of each employee. To be more sustainable you can also set up efficient recycling systems and purchase sustainably manufactured equipment. Adding plants and greenery providing attractive décor improve indoor air quality.

Integrate Technology

Technology including mobile devices, laptops, and video conferencing capabilities has allowed the employees to be much inflexible than before. Projects are easily completed with the workstations with monitor arms that allow people to easily move their computer monitors. The working styles of employees has changed with the latest technologies and now they can carry their work with them.

Intentional Design

For increasing the employee’s productivity, positivity and efficiency a good office design is important. Your office space must be set up in such a manner that it should keep the employees healthy as well as happy. Understand the needs of your employees and offer the right environments for the right tasks. Also equip them with the right tools so that they could be more productive.

Outdoors in

Glass walls and doors has now become an integral part of Office interior design in Dubai. The main benefits considered for including these in the workplace are Natural Light and Transparency. Nature, greenery, and improved oxygen contributes to employee wellness both physically and mentally. Abundant daylight is spread through the workplace which improve the health conditions of the worker. The transparency reduce the feeling of being isolated from the rest of the team. Employees can also concentrate on their work as glass walls and doors are relatively sound-proof.

Acoustic privacy

In most of today’s office interior plans, an open plan is considered. This invites more noise as the walls are eliminated and panel heights lowered. Through Behavior change acoustic privacy could be improved. The workers must adopt some protocols like taking loud conference calls away from the desk, or saving the social conversation for social spaces etc. Acoustic ceiling tiles with high NRC ratings paired with dense carpet can help in Sound masking. Acoustic wall panels, screens, and decorative ceiling elements also reduce noise.

Good coffee

A space for daily fresh gourmet coffee to enjoy refresh the mind and body of the worker. Enabling socialization, change of posture, games and media, and good coffee is a must for employees to relax and perform well in their work. These ideal places allows the employee to sit down and casually brainstorm new ideas, discuss the latest project, or run into old colleagues.

Quiet room

Quiet rooms are essential for employees to practice mindfulness. Their anxiety and social detachment could be reduced to an extent with quiet and peaceful atmosphere. When technology interfere with the work life of the employee they suffer “Techno-stress”. This can cause many health issues in the years to come. Many companies are nowadays including tech-free zones to promote positive mental and emotional health habits among the employees. Quiet rooms can be from library spaces, to meditation rooms, to yoga studios.

Home-Like Atmosphere

Creating a Home-Like Atmosphere increase the comfort of the employee making the workplace as relaxing and stress-free as possible. It also encourages productivity, collaboration, and open dialogue. Employees are allowed to take short breaks to recharge and remain productive throughout the day. Home-like sofas, armchairs, pod seats, coffee tables, Lounge areas, Break areas with recreational games, Cafés with free coffee, snacks, and food, Fully stocked bars, Outdoor terraces and balconies, Exercise gym and showers and Bicycle storage are some of the home-like perks provided by employers nowadays.

Friendly Reception Area

A reception area is the place where one see first while entering an office or organization. A Friendly Reception Area could create lasting impressions in the minds of employees as well as the customers who visits the office space. Every business enterprise should include an attractive, professional and welcoming Reception Area in their office design.

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