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Creative interiors for the 'feel good' factor

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, there are four different working styles within any organization:

  1. Analytical and data- oriented
  2. Organized and detail oriented
  3. Expressive and emotionally oriented
  4. Strategic and idea-oriented

Integration of the above diverse working styles within a team has proven to have a positive impact. Employers today are convinced that the interior design of an organization attracts fresh talent and retains existing talent.

How will I benefit from using Excel's services of office interior design in Dubai?

shop interior design
  1. We try to create a positive impact on the way you live and work by making the space that you use more appealingly in all respects.

  2. Our specialists begin with listening to your needs and aspirations. We then strive to deliver a better user experience with the use of aesthetics and design.

  3. We help you make the most efficient and creative use of the space available on your property.

  4. We help you get rid of clutter and organize your space for high productivity.

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Why should I use the services of a professional interior design company?

  1. Professional architects and designers at Excel, Dubai study your space thoroughly and provide inputs to increase the functionality of its components.

  2. We coordinate all elements of design such as fabric, material, color, furniture, lighting, etc.

  3. We understand the impact that the ambiance of your living space has on the quality of your life.

  4. We use advanced technology for futuristic design and incorporate the latest worldwide trends that have yielded positive results.

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What are the features of Excel's CAD drawing services?

  • Accurate, secure CAD drafting services.
  • Flawless blueprints serve as the model for infrastructure.
  • We improvise and develop on amateur sketches provided by you.
  • We provide comprehensive design and drafting services to developers and builders for their architecture and interior requirements.

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What is the service portfolio that I can expect from Excel?

  1. We offer two, and three dimensional modern CAD architecture plans, furniture layout, flooring and reflected ceiling plans, presentation drawings, working drawings, AIA layers, custom layering, title block layouts, etc. with emphasis on functionality.

  2. We cater to diverse establishments such as residential, commercial-shops, markets, offices, etc. based on different objectives, budgets, and tastes.

  3. We provide precise technical drawings with dimensional and spatial detailing, color inputs, furniture selection, placement and decoration.

  4. We provide architecture drafting on elevations, sections, floor plans, details, AIA layers, custom layering, working drawings, presentation drawings, and title block layouts.

  5. We offer conceptual development, space planning, research, evolution, and execution of designs.

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It is heartening to note that interior design trends in 2018 are adopting an eco-friendly approach. The goodness of Nature is being incorporated for enhancing the quality of your lives. Like all other fields, interior design is also taking a journey back to the roots to explore the elements of Nature. The use of natural wood, stone materials, handcrafted and recycled material seems to be the popular trend now. For a full report, please refer the link:

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