cad outsourcing services
cad outsourcing services


We Excel Project Solutions as one of the leading CAD outsourcing services provide a wide range of computer aided architectural drafting services comprising three dimensional modeling (aids in creating models in three dimension as in a real object), two dimensional drafting (which is mainly used for the construction of floors), design drafting conceptualization and conversion. We will collaborate with architectural projects, make improvements and spot errors if there are any. Our three dimensional and two dimensional drafters work on the technical drawings of sections, elevations and floor plans with proper interior renderings and walkthroughs.

We team up with architects, engineers and contractors to optimize designs and enhance drawings. We provide high quality drafts by highly qualified professionals who are all ready to share responsibility and work, thereby reducing your workload any day at any place.

CAD outsourcing services Dubai provided by Excel Project Solutions has been attracting well-known manufacturers and firms ever since the beginning of our firm, solely because we provide the quantity with its unquestionable standard and precision. We get your work done promptly and guarantee responsibility, loyalty, assurance and security, no matter how strenuous the project is. We are well-equipped with up-to-date technology and software programs that are well suited for producing successful results in Architectural drafting and designing. We only call the fair conventional rates for the excellent outcomes we have been putting up. We assure you our assistance with the most elementary conceptualization of layout plans to the extremely complicated execution of draft and design development and 3D rendering services. We at Excel Project Solutions make sure that your project excels at every aspect of its advancement and development. Outsource your architectural works to us to have a prompt and precise outcome that could even influence the future of your company.

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