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Burj Khalifa – a place architects must visit

Humans have always been inspired with the idea of building architectural marvels. No wonder we have on our landscape, diversity of monuments from history. Some architectural marvels from the modern age like Burj Khalifa are also charming enough because of the finesse and engineering might that is displayed in full splendor. This structure has been accomplished through the application of front line techniques and knowledge of the construction sector and therefore Burj Khalifa boasts of lots of 'firsts' at its credit. The sheer size and height of it is exceptional enough while the interiors have been designed in such unique ways that the entire tower has become an attraction for the enthusiasts and onlookers from around the world. Professional architectural drafting services Dubai, UAE service providers consider that even the architects looking for inspiration need to visit Burj Khalifa once! Leading firm offering office interior design in Dubai, UAE adopts finest concepts from Burj and other top buildings of the world.

About Burj Khalifa –

The world tallest free standing edifice has 160 floors in it (163 actually; the top 3 are occupied by the mechanical service). The futuristic building takes the beholder by surprise and one has to really pull back the head to gaze the tallest part of it. With 27165.5 feet in height, it is a marvel on the global landscape. The construction exercise was long spanning years. Beginning in 2004, the pointy tower was thrown open on 4th of January 2010. The overall cost of it totaled to USD 1.5 billion that has been spent judiciously to ensure all the demanded strength, resilience, safety, finesse and functionality. Automation systems are significant too and have been developed smartly like the window cleaning apparatus for the top most 27 floors. The oil rich nation of Dubai went into debt when the global financial crisis unfolded and found support from Abu Dhabi towards completion of the Burj that was thenceforth renamed as Burj Khalifa (earlier it was Burj Dubai). The architects and engineers from around the world consider this project as a feat and something to learn from along all dimensions such as design, function, customization and not to forget, the cost! Architectural drafting services Dubai, UAE have got re-defined with the make of Burj Dubai. Top 3D architecture design services Dubai, UAE companies have found ideas through the Burj!

Why architects must visit Burj Khalifa once?

Burj Khalifa has been attempted as a challenge by its makers who have been successful to defeat difficulties from all dimensions including weather & climate, safety, timelines, cost and more. This building therefore showcases the extremes and also tells to the professionals, the ways to overcome the constraints fruitfully. Today, the Burj is visited by large numbers of people who are attracted by the offers of 'At The Top' – the majestic view of entire Dubai and beyond at heights where clouds seem below them. One can have this experience from the 125th and 148th floors of the Burj that has the highest outdoor observation desk in the world. Such experience that is vertigo inducing is not common for anyone and thus the appeal never slows when the discussion brews about the Burj. Top 3D architecture design services Dubai, UAE Excel Project Solutions has derived many concepts from the unique structuring of Burj Khalifa.

According to company specializing in office interior design in Dubai, UAE, for the architects, the entire tower is full of attractions because most of them have been developed by overcoming the challenges and constraints, mostly related to strength, safety, upkeep (at great heights) and functionality. The resilience characteristics, especially against the high wind speed is an important consideration at the higher floors of Burj Khalifa and the architects have delivered successfully for this requirement; otherwise the dream would have been turned into a blur.

Burj Khalifa – a place of must visit for the architects!

Burj Khalifa is a project that many a times adopts contradiction when we consider the parameters of strength and finesse or function, assert experts at a leading firm offering office interior design in Dubai, UAE. Both could not be compromised! The architects have played vital role in the designing of Burj Khalifa and have ensured through innovative means, the compliance along both the parameters of strength and functionality without letting anyone of them to be downgraded in significance throughout. Therefore it is rightly said that for the architects, Burj Khalifa is a place of must visit!

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