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Is 2D architectural drafting really dead?

Making building plans has been considered a refined exercise and it warrants precise application of the rules along with the accurate dimensional measurements. Failing along these dimensions means faulty assessments and projections including for the costs involved. Such discrepancies can be fatal when commercial orientations are adopted like in the real estate sector. To generate perfection and finesse, we find the use of smart software suites that are now being employed by the architecture, design and engineering firms around the world.

The professionals are making use of the embedded automation tools to develop the blueprints and 3D modeling has got much popular. However, the curiosity has arisen as whether the 2D architectural drafting has been rendered defunct and dead through the enhanced use of 3 dimensional modeling? Experts at top 2D and 3D architecture design companies Dubai, UAE refute such assertions and still count the former a viable and preferred option. Here are the reasons as why 2 dimensional drafts still form an essential part of CAD drafting services Dubai, UAE and elsewhere in the world.

2D architectural drafting is alive!

In the architectural services, 2D plans have been accepted as the blueprints since the earliest days. With the advent and adoption of the smart 3D modeling software suites by the professionals, the debate has gone swift as whether there is no place left for the 2D types? However in practice, we find that the 2D plans have not been replaced; rather these continue to be used as the fundamental drawings by the architects and engineers because of multiple advantages that these offer. Therefore even today, the leading 3D architecture design companies Dubai, UAE and in other countries of the world make use of the 2D layouts also.

What makes 2D plans so desirable?

Despite lot of hype about the smart automation based 3 dimensional architecture software programs, the professionals consider the 2D plans because of vital reasons! The core floor plan as well as the associated directional geometry is best depicted in 2D plans. This is a major advantage because these components are important enough and supersede the secondary attributes of finesse, aesthetics showcasing, functionalities & fixtures and else that are more appealing to the beholders and customers. For the professionals, the consideration of floor plan and structural pattern is more important than the peripheral aspects that are contingent on the basic dimensions. No wonder, we find the demand of 3D rendering services Dubai, UAE increasing. We notice same trend around the world. The architectural 3D rendering service allows the professionals to derive the 2D layouts from the complex 3 dimensional depictions. The 3D architecture design companies Dubai, UAE are relying on smart and automated rendering through the specialized software.

2D architectural plans still in demand!

The demand of 3D rendering services Dubai, UAE itself shows that 2D plans have not lost ground in the architectural services portfolio. The fact however is that both 2D and 3D layouts are complementary and do not replace each other. 2D plan is integral to core design of the building while 3D plan showcases the secondary attributes that determine the level of functionality and overall value.

Architecture oriented CAD drafting services Dubai, UAE are catering towards the generic demands of the professionals by offering to them resonant plans in both 3D and 2D types. 3D rendered layouts are also being provided by the top service providers like Excel Project Solutions which makes use of high definition photographic and video rendering apparatuses to deliver quality results.

The striking demand of core 2 dimensional layouts as well as the increase in 3D rendering services clearly explains that 2D architectural drafting is not dead and will continue as the desirable dimension in A & E services around the world.

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